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About us

Since 2005 the company Omnifit concentrates on a better quality of live for as many people as possible.

Between 2005 and 2015 we worked with Nikken products but now we are glad to be promoting the ASEA products.
Both suppliers have products of high quality which have special results on our health.

Unfortunately Nikken decided to retreat from the Netherlands but we are happy to be able to provide these fabulous products through our contact in Germany.

From personal experience with the Nikken magnet technology my sleep and my mobility improved significantly. Refer to page “Leonie“.

This spring I had a severe skin problem on which I applied Renu28 followed by feeding the skin with good quality oil or grease.
The result was a nice and smooth skin within three days, while I had been applying oil and ointment for weeks without results.

For more personal experiences please go to page “Experiences

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