Kijk op gezondheid


My name is Joop van den Broeke. I have been working as a specialist in Utrecht UMC. As cardio-anesthesiologist I worked in the theatre and Intensive Care and during the last 15 years of my career I worked for the well-being of young children.

I took pleasure in reading the books of Dr A.S. Naidu about ‘Bio-replenishment’ of healthy bones and the ‘Redox signaling molecules’

Bio-Replenishment for Bone Health : A lecture about Lactoferrines in the body (there are 29 of these proteins) which have different functions, amongst which the transport of Calcium to and from the bones.

Redox Life: This book lectures about the metabolism of our cells. For years scientists believed that oxides and reduction molecules were waste products of the mitochondria in the cells. Now these molecules are proven to be of essential benefit in restoring cell structures.

As I believe that the view on health of Omnifit can contribute to the health of many, I support their work with my expertise.