Kijk op gezondheid


Scientists have developed extraordinary products that are marketed under the name ASEA.

What are these products, what makes them so special?


The redox Signalling Molecules are to protect cells and
detect whether to repair or replace the cells.

In other words: ASEA signals the cell to be healthy.

ASEA    –   A water solution with ‘Redox Signalling Molecules‘. It’s not just natural. It’s native!

Renu28 – A gel with the same ‘Redox Signaling Molecules’ but made available to apply to the skin. Read the scientific update and listen to testimonials.

Would you like to know what medical doctors, as Dr. Karl Smith D.C., think about ASEA than listen, at least the first 20 minutes, to the following video.

We are sure about the effectiveness of ASEA, but if we wish it to work at its utmost we must be sure of sufficient nutrients. ASEA can only SUPPORT our body when there are nutrients are available! From experience we can recommend the vitamines of Dr. Gabor Lenkei. Important to read his book “Censuur, wat u niet mag weten over uw gezondheid”. (This book is not yet translated into English)

Both Dr. Lenkei and Omnifit have the mission: Optimal support for your health!