Kijk op gezondheid


My name is Joop van den Broeke. I have been working as a specialist in Utrecht UMC. As cardio-anesthesiologist I worked in the theatre and Intensive Care and during the last 15 years of my career I worked for the well-being of young children.

I took pleasure in reading the books of Dr A.S. Naidu about ‘Bio-replenishment’ of healthy bones and the ‘Redox signaling molecules’

Bio-Replenishment for Bone Health : A treatise on Lactoferrins in our body (we have 29 of these proteins) which have several functions including the transport of calcium in and out of the bones.

Redox Life: This book is about the metabolism in our cells. That which has been seen for years as a waste product, turns out to be essential as a messenger of the desired recovery of the cell.

As I believe that the view on health of Omnifit can contribute to the health of many, I support their work with my expertise.