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leonie-asea-1    My name is Leonie van den Berg. I grew-up in Eindhoven in the south of The Netherlands where I finished my education in mechanical engineering in 1973.

After my studies I was employed at the Philips Research Laboratories where I worked in the group of Dr de Lang on the electron microscope.
After 4 years my husband and I emigrated to New Zealand where we worked as engineers and as dance instructors at the Arthur Murray’s School of Dancing in Auckland. After 3,5 years we returned to The Netherlands as neither of us could find a job at our education level.

The last 15 years of my career I worked for a dredging company (DDE) in Nijkerk as a technical author which I very much enjoyed doing. At that time I engaged part-time in health products which gave me an exciting personal experience

Since I have been able to achieve a better blood flow, the problem I had with osteoarthritis on my hips has improved considerably. Waking up from the pain at night and not being fit for work the next morning, are things of the past!

My personal experience with Redox Signaling Molecules I describe on page ‘Testimonials‘.