Kijk op gezondheid


Some personal experiences:

Jan. 2019. Recently I realized that I could easily walk up the two stairs in the house. This has been a problem for years; first a detour on the first floor before I could continue with the next stairs! Shortly thereafter I saw the advertisement from the ‘Hart Stichting’ (Heart Foundation) and realized that I no longer had that problem. The only thing that is different in my life are the Redox Molecules and the vitamin supplements!

Jan. 2018. At the time I was using Redox Molecules for 2 years someone asked me “What did it do for you?”. I realised that I could walk longer distances. After experiencing improvement after using the magnet technology, Redox Molecules helped me to enlarge my range.

March 2016. The skin on my ankles and feet was sore and rough for months, during this time I did apply oil or ointment but without results. On advise of my friend I applied a thin layer of Redox gel and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes before applying oil or ointment. The result was awesome! Within three days my skin was smooth and healthy again.

Recently I had a dry feeling of my eyes, as if I was wearing my contact lenses too long. After a while I realised I could spray some Redox Molecules into my eyes. After 2 days applying Redox Molecules several times a day, the feeling of my eyes was back to normal.

Most excited are we with the following event.
My husband and I use Redox Molecules since November 2015. Both of us are using medication to cope with the hypertension we have. Besides our two yearly check-up we check it ourselves once in a while. When we did this in June we were surprised. Our blood pressure had dramatically decreased! Like the recovery of my skin needing Redox gel alongside the nutrients from oil and ointment, proved our body to recover from hypertension getting Redox Molecules alongside the nutrients from the vitamin supplements we are using.

Again it is mosquito time, July! From the two of us I am the one who got bitten. One of these bites got infected. Despite the trouble, I could not put my hand down without feeling the bulge, it hardly itched. The other bites gave occasional irritation and when I rubbed in some Redox gel the itch soon disappeared. Now in October, after  one year of consuming Redox Molecules, a mosquito bite has hardly any effect on me. I notice that I have been bitten but within 10 hours it has disappeared; very pleasant!